How To Root Google Pixel 3 XL (Magisk)

If you are wondering how to root Google Pixel 3 XL via Magisk, then you are at the right place. All you need to do just go through the article in order to root your Google Pixel device.

Google pixel 3XL is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Octa-core processor with 4 GB of RAM and comes up with 6.3 inches long display with a notch at the top. If we talk about the storage option, then the device has 64GB/128GB of internal storage which you can’t expand further using micro SD card.

Now, if we talk about the camera, then the device has a dual front camera of 8+8 MP and a rear camera of 12.2 MP. This device has a battery capacity of 3430mAh with wireless charging which does also supports fast charging option. Now, let’s jump into the guide further.

Guide To Root Google Pixel 3 XL (Magisk) Using TWRP Recovery

The guide is intended only for Google Pixel 3 XL (Codename: crosshatch). Please do not try this guide, its downloads, and method on any other device or model. Please follow the instructions very carefully to avoid any damage to your Google device.


Rooting the device, flashing ZIPs, unlocking the bootloader and any type of system modifications terminates manufacturer warranty of your Google smartphone. So, please perform such actions at your own risk. However, relocking bootloader and unrooting the device is possible. But, in some cases the phone stucks in the boot mode. So, we don’t take any responsibility if any such things happen.

Unlock Bootloader on Google Pixel 3 XL

First of all, you need to unlock the bootloader of Google Pixel 3 XL to install TWRP Recovery and Root the device. Without unlocking the bootloader, you’re not eligible to move further into the guide.

You can check out our guide here – How To Unlock Bootloader on Google Pixel 3 XL.

Install TWRP Recovery on Google Pixel 3 XL 

After unlocking the bootloader on your device, the very next step you have to take is to install TWRP Recovery on Google Pixel 3 X. Without installing custom recovery you wouldn’t be able to flash Magisk installer Zip and root the device. Installing of TWRP recovery also gives some other benefits as well as like flashing of images, ZIPs, ROMs, and much more thing.

You can check out our step-by-step guide on How to install TWRP Recovery on Google Pixel 3 XL to do so

Steps to Root Google Pixel 3 XL (Magisk) Using TWRP Recovery

Note – Rooting of the device may wipe your device. So, I would highly suggest you take back-up before starting the rooting procedure. And the second thing you need to make sure it doesn’t forget to charge your battery at a sufficient level to avoid any kind of sudden battery issues.

So below are the instructions which you have to follow in order to successfully root Google Pixel 3 XL by flashing Magisk through TWRP Recovery.

  1. Download the Magisk ZIP.
  2. Then, transfer the downloaded file on any folder on your Google device where you can easily find it later.
  3. Now, boot your device into TWRP Recovery mode by pressing the ‘Volume down + Power button’ simultaneously.
  4. After entering into the TWRP Recovery mode, tap on the ‘Install‘ and then search for the Magisk file that you have moved in the step-2.
  5. After performing the above step, swipe the ‘Swipe to confirm flash‘ to flash Magisk Installer ZIP and Root Google Pixel 3 XL.
  6. Now just wait until the process ends. As soon as the flashing process completes, hit on ‘Reboot system‘ button.

So, this was the whole process to root Google Pixel 3 Xl via Magisk through TWRP Recovery. In case, if you’re facing any kind of issue during the rooting process then, you can drop us a comment below.

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