Magisk v25.0 – Download & Changelog

Using this page, you can download Magisk v25.0 and see the changelog.

v25.0 Changelog:

[MagiskInit] – Update 2SI implementation, significantly increase device compatibility (e.g. Sony Xperia devices).
[MagiskInit] – Introduce new sepolicy injection mechanism.
[MagiskInit] – Support Oculus Go.
[MagiskInit] – Support Android 13 GKIs (Pixel 6).
[MagiskBoot] – Fix vbmeta extraction implementation.
[App] – Fix stub app on older Android versions.
[App] [MagiskSU] – Properly support apps using sharedUserId.
[MagiskSU] – Fix a possible crash in magiskd.
[MagiskSU] – Prune unused UIDs as soon as system_server restarts to prevent UID reuse attacks.
[MagiskSU] – Verify and enforce the installed Magisk app’s certificate to match the distributor’s signature.
[MagiskSU] – [Zygisk] Proper package management and detection.
[Zygisk] – Fix function hooking on devices running Android 12 with old kernels.
[Zygisk] – Fix Zygisk’s self code unloading implementation.
[DenyList] – Fix DenyList on shared UID apps.
[BusyBox] – Add workaround for devices running old kernels.

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