This page serves as an archive for the Magisk App and Magisk flashable zip files, though it may not include every historical Magisk release. For previous releases, we recommend visiting the Magisk GitHub page.

Note: We don’t host Magisk App files on our server; instead, all links direct to Github, the official repository for Magisk App.

However, the Magisk ZIP files are an exception in this case, primarily because it isn’t available for download on GitHub.

In case, you doubt the authenticity and genuineness of the file, download the Magisk’s Apk file directly from the GitHub repository and change the file’s extension by yourself, and then proceed any further.

Magisk v27.0

What’s New!
  • [Zygisk] – Introduce new code injection mechanism.
  • [Zygisk] – Support new signature introduced in U QPR2.
  • [SEPolicy] – Update libsepol to properly set some policy config bits.
  • [MagiskBoot] – Support compressing init so Magisk is installable on devices with small boot partitions.
  • [ResetProp] – Add new wait for property feature resetprop -w.

Magisk v26.4

What’s New!
  • [MagiskBoot] – Don’t pad zeros if the signed boot image is larger.
  • [MagiskPolicy] – Fix genfscon and filename_trans.
  • [MagiskPolicy] – Fix bug in libsepol.
  • [Zygisk] – Fix and simplify file descriptor sanitization logic.
  • [App] – Prevent OOM when patching AP tarfiles.
  • [App] – Fix bug in device configuration detection.
  • [Daemon] – Fix certificate parsing of APKs.
  • [General] – Fix logging errors from C++ code being ignored.