Magisk App 27.0 (Magisk Manager) Latest Version for Android

If you’re in search of both the Magisk Manager and the Magisk Zip, you’ve landed in the right spot. Within this article, we will provide you with the latest versions of both the Magisk flashable zip and the Magisk App.

What is Magisk?

Elevate your Android device’s potential with Magisk – the ultimate rooting solution. Seamlessly manage root access, install mods, and unlock a world of customization. Download the latest Magisk app now for a secure, versatile, and powerful Android experience!

With Magisk, you not only gain root access on your phone but also unlock a plethora of additional features such as MagiskSU, Magisk Hide, and seamless management of root permissions for third-party apps, among others. One standout advantage of Magisk is its ability to root Android and enable custom MODs without interfering with critical components like Google Play Services.

Magisk stands out as a “systemless” root method, distinguishing itself by operating without altering the system partition and boot partition. This characteristic makes Magisk a more user-friendly and secure option compared to alternative Android rooting methods.

Widely recognized as the go-to tool for rooting Android devices, Magisk goes beyond simple rooting. It empowers users to manage root permissions, tweak apps without impacting system files, eliminate kernel features such as dm-verity and force encryption, and integrate third-party features through Magisk Modules. If you’re eager to unlock this array of capabilities, delve into the insights provided in this article.


Magisk Manager Features

Magisk has gained acclaim as the “systemless” root method, revolutionizing Android rooting by abstaining from alterations to the system partition and boot partition. In contrast, other prevalent rooting methods such as KingRoot and Zroot take a different approach, often burdening devices with unwanted bloatware and spyware.

This stark difference underscores the appeal of opting for Magisk as the preferred method for rooting Android devices. By steering clear of intrusive modifications and preserving the integrity of your device, Magisk stands out as a more secure and user-friendly choice in the realm of Android customization.

Now, let’s delve into a comprehensive exploration of the features offered by Magisk App.

Free & Open-Source

Magisk, a powerful and free open-source tool, not only provides a cost-free method to root your Android device but also ensures a seamless and secure process. Unlock advanced customization features without spending a penny, and enjoy a user-friendly experience with Magisk.


A tool within the Magisk framework designed specifically for unpacking and repacking Android boot images. MagiskBoot excels in its ability to dissect and reassemble these boot images, offering users unparalleled control and customization.


MagiskSU is a crucial component of the Magisk framework, serving as a systemless root management tool for Android devices. It empowers users with superuser access, allowing for advanced customization and control over the device’s operating system.


Zygisk is a noteworthy feature within Magisk that enables the execution of code in the processes of every Android application. This capability provides a unique avenue for users to implement custom scripts, tweaks, or modifications across a wide range of applications on their Android devices.

Modules Modules

Magisk Modules is a standout feature that empowers users to install custom modules to modify read-only partitions on their Android devices. In Android, certain partitions are designated as read-only, limiting the user’s ability to make changes. Magisk Modules circumvent this restriction by allowing users to install modules, which are essentially sets of modifications or enhancements.

Download Magisk App 27.0 (Magisk Manager) for Android

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Feb, 2024





Note: We don’t host Magisk App files on our server; instead, all links direct to Github, the official repository for Magisk App.

To access older Magisk versions and additional resources, refer to the releases page.

Download Magisk ZIP (Flashable ZIP)

In the Magisk 22.0 update, developer John Wu has integrated the Magisk Manager with the latest Magisk App. Consequently, the Magisk Manager and Magisk Zip are no longer presented separately. However, this change does not impede the installation of Magisk through the flashing process.

Users can utilize the identical file package for the flashing process by simply renaming the file extension from Magisk-v27.0.apk to Additionally, to uninstall Magisk using the flashing process, rename the same file package to

In summary, the key takeaway is the flexibility to employ the same file package in various ways based on personal preference.

For your convenience, we have rebranded the package and provided a link below for downloading both the Magisk Flashable ZIP file and the Uninstaller.

Note: We don’t host Magisk App files on our server; instead, all links direct to Github, the official repository for Magisk App.

However, the Magisk ZIP files are an exception in this case, primarily because it isn’t available for download on GitHub.

In case, you doubt the authenticity and genuineness of the file, download the Magisk’s Apk file directly from the GitHub repository and change the file’s extension by yourself, and then proceed any further.

To access older Magisk versions and additional resources, refer to the releases page.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q- What is Magisk root?

Ans. Magisk root is a simple one-click root solution for Android devices. It makes Android rooting easy, simple, and effective.

Q- What can magisk do?

Ans. Magisk allows users to root Android without making any changes to the device’s partitions. Using Magisk you can hide root and install various modules.

Q- What is Systemless Magisk?

Ans. “Systemless Magisk” means enjoying root powers without even touching system files. This allows Android users to use the device more efficiently.

Q- What is Magisk Hide?

Ans. Magisk Hide is a wonderful feature of Magisk that allows the user to hide root from various apps that don’t work on a rooted Android device.

Q- Does rooting void the warranty of the Android Phone?

Ans. Yeah, rooting Android devices void the manufacturer’s warranty. But, in order to regain the warranty, you can relock the bootloader and unroot the device.