Magisk App 27.0 (Magisk Manager) – Download

What is Magisk?

Hey! Magisk users, you’re at the right place if you are looking for the Magisk App for your Android phone.

Please take note: Magisk Manager is no longer in existence. The developer has rebranded it as the Magisk App. Moreover, users have the flexibility to modify the file extension to .zip and flash it to install Magisk. For more info on this, refer to the Magisk ZIP page.

The newest Magisk version, v27.0, has just been released and is ready for download.

Download Magisk App 27.0 (Magisk Manager) For Android

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11.9 MB

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Feb, 2024





Note: We don’t host Magisk App files on our server; instead, all links direct to Github, the official repository for Magisk App.

Magisk v27.0 – Changelog

[Zygisk] - Introduce new code injection mechanism.

[Zygisk] - Support new signature introduced in U QPR2.

[SEPolicy] - Update libsepol to properly set some policy config bits.

[MagiskBoot] - Support compressing init so Magisk is installable on devices with small boot partitions.

[ResetProp] - Add new wait for property feature resetprop -w.

For previous or older Magisk versions and resources, check the releases page.